WATCH: A Special Message from HIVE 2020 Keynote Speaker Dr. Kristopher Childs

Join us at the 2nd annual HIVE conference, a professional learning event designed to bring the educator community together with timely and relevant professional learning opportunities and a powerful peer-to-peer experience. HIVE 2020 will feature thought-provoking keynotes by K-12 experts, interactive workshops facilitated by authors, experts, and educators, coffee chats, and more. 

Now more than ever, the educator community needs a way to come together and engage in a collective conversation around reimagining education. In that spirit, HIVE 2020 is going completely virtual. Choose from 12 different pathways across four curricula designed to meet you where you are and deepen your knowledge. All sessions will be live and recorded for participants to access in the future.


From Dr. Kristopher Childs:

"I am super excited to be serving as the keynote for this conference. Check this out. My keynote is entitled “Building Bridges. Reimagining Education.” This is going to be an amazing conference experience you do not want to miss. Register immediately. Also, tell a friend they need to be at this conference! We’re going to learn together. We’re going to build relationships. Most importantly, we’re going to identify ways to ensure every child receives a high-quality educational experience. You do not want to miss this."

About Dr. Kristopher Childs:

Dr. Kristopher J. Childs is focused on creating a movement to inspire all who are involved in academic endeavors globally—through promotion, support, and recognition to pursue excellence and academic success.

Dr. Childs has a student-centered focus and believes in a teamwork approach of achieving common goals and improving student academic success. 

As a speaker, he desires to inspire one to relentlessly go after their goals and dreams. He seeks to help one find their passion and their purpose. He is known for his mantra “Live Life to the Fullest. You Only Get One."

Dr. Childs has a strong penchant for working with youth and using education as a basis for his messages. As Malcolm X stated, “Education is the passport to the future.” He strives to create an academic achievement driven culture and wants to ensure all youth achieve the unachievable.