WATCH: Charleston County Combats Unfinished Learning from Pandemic with EL Education, Open Up Resources & Kiddom

The latest adoption of EL Education K–8 English Language Arts  curriculum through Open Up Resources is by Charleston County School District (CCSD) making it one of the largest districts to implement the nationally acclaimed ELA curriculum to date.

Charleston County School District announced earlier this month that it would be implementing the curriculum with Open Up Resources in partnership with Kiddom to deliver the curriculum digitally in support of the district’s blended learning efforts.

CCSD is moving forward with this implementation as it prioritizes high quality curriculum and flexibility of instruction as schools rebuild from pandemic-driven learning losses.

Accessing EL Education K–8 English Language Arts through Kiddom’s platform will allow Charleston County teachers the opportunity to share assignments digitally and also deliver personalized feedback on submissions. The program prioritizes reading proficiency and content knowledge of science and social studies, and is being funded by pandemic relief funds provided to help students recover from learning loss. "The ultimate goal of the county is to get all students reading at grade level by 5th grade by 2027," said Emilie Woody, CCSD's Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

The partnership will also equip CCSD with a full-service, multi-year professional learning plan from EL Education to support teachers, plus access to peer-to-peer communications within Open Up’s K–8 EL Education digital community. 

Watch below for local coverage from Charleston's WCSC Live 5 News on the rollout of the ELA curriculum:


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