Announcing the HIVE 2020 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kristopher Childs

HIVE 2020 is coming to New Orleans June 23 - 25. The excitement is building and tickets, as of this article’s publication date, are over 40% sold. Have you saved your seat yet

In thinking intentionally about what we hope attendees will experience and achieve at HIVE 2020, we were seeking a keynote speaker that would bring an empowering, enthusiastic and informative message to all in our community. We are excited to announce we’ve found all of those aspects and more in Dr. Kristopher Childs

Brooke Powers, Director of Professional Learning, who leads Open Up Resources’ communities says, “I have gotten to hear Dr. Childs speak on a couple of occasions and each time has been more life-changing than the last. Be prepared for him to push your thinking, inspire you, and help you grow both personally and professionally.”

With experience as a K-12 teacher and leader, Dr. Childs understands the unique challenges K-12 educators face and the resources they need to succeed and help their students achieve. His podcast and talks around the country share a call to action for all educators, regardless of their grade or subject. 

Watch his talk from November’s CMC South conference:


Dr. Childs is focused on creating a movement to inspire all who are involved in academic endeavors globally—through promotion, support, and recognition to pursue excellence and academic success. He has a student-centered focus and believes in a teamwork approach of achieving common goals and improving student academic success. 

As a speaker, he desires to inspire one to relentlessly go after their goals and dreams. He seeks to help one find their passion and their purpose. He is known for his mantra “Live Life to the Fullest.You Only Get One."

Dr. Childs has a strong penchant for working with youth and using education as a basis for his messages. As Malcolm X stated, “Education is the passport to the future.” He strives to create an academic achievement driven culture and wants to ensure all youth achieve the unachievable.

Join us at HIVE 2020 for two and a half immersive days packed with content, optional flex sessions to customize your experience, and time for a little fun baked in.