HIVE 2021: ELA Community Coach Chat

In the second edition of our “Chat with Me'' series, Cathy Dickson sits down with three ELA Community Coaches who will present at this year’s HIVE conference to be hosted virtually this July. Watch these short clips to hear more about their previous experience with HIVE, and what attendees can expect to get out of this year’s conference. Learn more about attending HIVE 2021 here. 

VLOG  #1

Community Coach Chat with Ciera Searcy 

(Video Length: 2:11)

This is Ciera’s first year presenting at HIVE, and she’ll be leading several sessions including: “Falling In Love With Reading,” where attendees will dig into books that create a culture of literacy in the classroom. 

Why attend HIVE? To Ciera, it’s professional development that comes with a plethora of available resources, and you’ll have great conversations with people from across the country. 

She hopes everyone can walk away with resources they can use right away in their classroom.

Follow Ciera on Twitter: @ciera_teaches


Community Coach Chat with Sarah Said

(Video Length: 3:23)

At HIVE 2021, Sarah says this year many community members are focused on change and asking “how can we create a better world for our communities?” She will cover how to use the modules as a launchpad to think about how attendees can more effectively do work within their communities, as well as utilizing the module content to create change-making conversation and action in their classrooms.

She says HIVE is so aptly named because it is structured in a way that allows people to build and maintain relationships, so every participant can learn and support each other.  

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Community Coach Chat with Justin Endicott

(Video Length: 3:09)

You can find Justin supporting two pathways at this year’s conference. The first is the Community Pathway where he is looking forward to coming together and reflecting on the past year (what he calls “a true learning year”). The second is the Year 2 Pathway, for attendees who have had a least one year of experience using the EL curriculum in the classroom. Here, attendees will take a deeper dive into how the curriculum was created.  

Similarly to other community leaders, Justin finds the greatest value at HIVE is the relationships that develop, the long-lasting connections and the resources that are shared. 

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