Introducing: Community Coach Chat (OUR 6-8 Math)

With HIVE 2021 coming this July, we are excited to introduce our "Chat with Me" series featuring Open Up's 6-8 Math Community Coaches and host Cathy Dickson. Learn more about their HIVE experiences from previous years and learn more about what you can expect at HIVE 2021. HIVE 2021 tickets are now on sale. Early Bird pricing ends May 1st! Learn more and buy your tickets.

Vlog #1

Community Coach Chat with Tashima Price

(Video length: 2:25 min.)

At HIVE 2021, Tashima will be presenting math models in the classroom, digging deeper into rational numbers and a session about inclusive classroom. Teachers are able to get into the nuts and bolts of the curriculum and learn from a student's perspective.

Tashima's tip for HIVE attendees: Clear your calendars and be ready to learn and collaborate with other attendees to get the most out of the #OpenUpMath community!  

Find Tashima on Twitter: @MsPrice1

Vlog #2

Community Coach Chat with Christy Hansen

(Video length: 2:52 min.)

For Christy, who attended HIVE's 2020 virtual conference, she believes HIVE 2021 will be a great way for teachers to come together from across the country and learn about the math curriculum and classroom management. Christy is excited to show teachers the different technologies they can use in their classroom to create efficiencies in teaching and learning. One of her favorite parts of HIVE is being able to connect with new friends and catch up with those she has been lucky to meet in the community from Twitter.

Find Christy on Twitter: @CHansenCA 

Vlog #3

Community Coach Chat with Nicole Mercurio

(Video length: 3:15 min.)

At HIVE 2019, Nicole's favorite part was being able to collaborate with other teachers to share helpful resources and share any classroom failures to help ideate solutions to better support students in the upcoming year. Learning about the different technologies shared during HIVE helped Nicole navigate managing a classroom and come up with effective ways to teach her classroom. 

Find Nicole on Twitter: @MathWithMsM

Vlog #4

Community Coach Chat with Yimiya Pearson

(Video length: 2:56 min.)

As a HIVE attendee, Yimiya appreciated the high level of collaboration, the various topics and pathways, and knowledgeable speakers in attendance. For HIVE 2021, Yimiya will be leading a community pathway meant to support district and school leaders with OUR implementation. She is very excited to be able to join the OUR community again at HIVE 2021 to learn and grow together. 

Find Yimiya on Twitter: @YimiyaP

Vlog #5

Teacher Leader in Residence: Morgan Stipe

(Video length: 2:49 min.)

As OUR's Teacher Leader in Residence, Morgan is vocal about elevating teacher voices in the community. For HIVE 2021, she will be supporting the community coaches as they develop their plans for the community pathways. The community pathways are created by teachers, for teachers, and encourages a warm and collaborative environment. 

Find Morgan on Twitter: @MrsStipeMath


To learn more about HIVE 2021, read all about it here. HIVE 2021 dates have been announced! Register now to get your tickets.