Introducing Open Up Resources High School Math Curriculum

Open Up Resources High School Math is coming Summer 2021! 

We're excited to launch our new, core High School Mathematics curriculum this summer. On April 1st, we hosted a webinar with the authors, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions, learn more, and see the curriculum in action. To watch a playback of the webinar, click here. To download samples of Open Up High School Math, click here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 11.01.59 PMEngaging Rich Tasks with Guidance for Teachers

Each task provides the teacher with guidance to teach the lesson in where a student can easily process, understand and solve. These include:

  • Jump Starts - provided at the beginning of some lessons to activate background knowledge or reinforce prior learning. 
  • Launch, Explore, Discuss - Help students get started with the lesson and provide motivation and expectations as well as helping facilitate support and discussions of student ideas to meet lesson goals.
  • Anticipating and Monitoring charts - Support teachers in anticipating and responding to student thinking in every lesson. 
  • Selecting, Sequencing and Connecting charts - Guide teachers in using and advancing student thinking to reach lesson goals. 
  • Instructional routines that support sense-making, discourse, and note-taking: Notice and Wonder, Which One Doesn’t Belong, Think-Pair-Share, Pause and Record and Pause and Reflect

  • Inclusive to maximize student learning: Includes problem solving support for students with disabilities

Setting Up Teachers and Students for Success

This curriculum is built around tasks that revolve around student thinking to help break them down and ensure success. Each lesson has assessments that provide the student the process to think through a task to gain a hands-on experience of the lesson being taught.

Assessments can range from exit tickets, quick quizzes, self-assessments, unit assessments and performance assessments based in real-world contexts to prompt critical thinking. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 10.29.10 PM

Open Up Resources High School Mathematics curriculum is a curriculum created with the purpose to ensure each teacher and educator are given the tools and guidance to efficiently teach their students to understand, solve and retain the material through multiple proven assessments. 

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For more information about our High School Mathematics curriculum, visit the Open Up High School Mathematics curriculum page to view sample materials, core program essentials, and to stay up-to-date on the official launch in Summer 2021.