Open Up Resources Added to the Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG)

Open Up Resources was recently added to the national Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG) by Rivet Education, an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive and objective analysis of professional learning providers.

The PLPG, available for free, lists organizations that provide the best curriculum-aligned professional learning services in the country.

In a recent press release, Rivet Education announced the addition of eight new providers to the list, after a rigorous evaluation of each organization—including Open Up Resources!

A statement by Jennifer Wells, Professional Learning Partner Guide Director read: “Rivet Education recognizes that finding vendors who meet the criteria for being able to deliver high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional learning is hard work. Our goal with the PLPG is to make it easier for teachers and leaders to find professional learning providers that can provide the support they need to implement a high-quality curriculum. A high-quality curriculum paired with aligned professional development is a critical component in increasing student achievement and reducing classroom inequities.”

Rivet Education uses a three-step process to evaluate professional learning materials and matches them against a set of criteria. In order to be placed on the PLPG, an organization must pass its three Gateways:

  • Expertise in and Explicit Connection to High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)
  • Approach and Design of PL Services
  • Measuring Results and Driving Improvement

All featured organizations on the PLPG must possess enough evidence of high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional learning services in one of four phases: adoption, launch, ongoing support for teachers, or ongoing support for leaders.

Professional Learning at Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources’ core purpose is to provide high-quality curricula that is openly accessible, providing schools and districts the chance to invest in much-needed professional learning. Because successful curriculum adoption depends on strong professional learning designed around the materials, Open Up Resources includes multiple opportunities for educators including its popular annual HIVE conference (2022 conference will take place in July). 

Also available throughout the year are in-person and virtual workshops and coaching covering ELA, Math and SEL. Professional learning community coaches in Teacher Leadership in Residence service, and the active Open Up Social Communities also provide ample support to educators using Open Up Resources curricula. 

To learn more about Open Up Resources curricula (achieving the highest rating of “all-green” on EdReports) or professional learning opportunities, contact us today.