Open Up Resources and Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) Partner to Provide Free, High-Quality Mathematics Curriculum for High School

 High School Math Curriculum MENLO PARK, CALIF. [March 26, 2019] -- Open Up Resources, the nonprofit provider of high-quality curriculum, has partnered with the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) to provide high-quality math curricula for high schools and districts across the country. Open Up Resources and MVP will work together to provide two high school mathematics programs: an integrated high school mathematics curriculum and a traditional high school mathematics curriculum. Both curricula are being provided via Open Up Resources’ beta process—where the two organizations will further refine the materials to guarantee they’re best in class across the board—and will be available to school districts in print for the 2019–20 school year.

The curriculum, authored by MVP, engages students in task-based mathematical problem solving to help them achieve mathematics proficiency as defined by The Committee on Mathematics Learning, which includes conceptual understanding of math concepts, procedural fluency, strategic competence, adaptive reasoning, and productive disposition towards math. These materials will create a natural progression for students already engaged with Open Up Resources 6–8 Math.

“After reviewing the top four integrated high school math curricula on, we decided to pilot the curriculum authored by Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) for Math 1 in six of our high schools this Spring,” said Jen Arberg, the K–12 Math Director of Guilford County Schools. “One of the biggest advantages to this curriculum, in addition to its alignment to standards and high levels of rigor, is the coherence with our middle school math curriculum, Open Up Resources 6–8 Math. The structure of both curricula is similar in that students are presented with high quality mathematical tasks, and teachers provide instruction through those tasks. Both curricula have a heavy emphasis on the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, which has significantly increased student engagement across our district, and both curricula have a focus on student talk and conceptual understanding. Our teachers using the middle school and high school curricula love how the high school curriculum flows seamlessly from Open Up Resources 6–8 Math.”

“This is an ideal partnership,” said Open Up Resources CEO Jessica Reid Sliwerski. “MVP has an excellent history of creating high-quality curriculum with strong focus, coherence, rigor, and mathematical practices. MVP is also a reputable organization with its heart in the right place. They write materials that help ensure every student comes to love and understand mathematics, and they do it while prioritizing the well-being of students, teachers, schools, and districts—a characteristic that we greatly value in our partnerships.”

Each module in the high school math curriculum has been designed and sequenced with rich mathematical tasks that have been formulated to generate and develop the mathematical concepts within the core. Careful attention has been placed upon the way mathematical knowledge emerges; some tasks are developmental tasks while others are for solidifying or practicing concepts and procedures. The tasks also encourage students to notice relationships and make connections between the concepts. In this way, students perceive mathematics as a coherent whole.

“Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) and Open Up Resources share a commitment to providing great curriculum and professional learning opportunities that support teachers as they make learning come alive in their classrooms,” said Travis Lemon, one of the MVP authors. “The MVP team is excited about working with Open Up Resources to make the MVP curriculum available to more teachers and students. We're looking forward to this partnership and realizing the vision of high quality mathematics in more high school classrooms!”

The high school math curricula authored by MVP will join Open Up Resources’ impressive lineup of free high-quality curricula, which includes Open Up Resources 6–8 Math, EL Education K–5 Language Arts, and Bookworms K–5 Reading and Writing. Used by more than 500,000 students in classrooms across the United States, all of Open Up Resources’ curricula have received top ratings for quality and standards alignment.

The high school math programs will be available in print for implementation in the fall of 2019. Schools and districts interested in previewing, piloting, or implementing the curriculum should contact Open Up Resources.


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