OUR + Kiddom: All-In-One Hub for Digital Teaching & Learning

This past school year, teachers have been overwhelmed with finding the best ways to replicate the benefits of a traditional classroom within a digital setting. Teachers have individually and collectively found new ways to utilize and apply curricula and pedagogies and – as we’ve seen in our communities – have offered significant support to one another. One consistent message we’ve heard is that open access to high-quality curricula hosted in a comprehensive online platform makes both teaching and learning easier, and more effective.

Together with our partner Kiddom, we’ve worked to create an all-in-one hub for teaching and learning that bridges the gap between digital curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Through both synchronous and asynchronous communication, Kiddom’s online platform brings together our high quality, dynamic digital curriculum; fun, interactive assessments; and standards aligned instruction.

Teachers have found the ability to create smaller digital settings (similar to those in a traditional classroom) and facilitate the management of student-teacher interaction. Kiddom Live gives teachers this ability to host smaller student groups, and also begin real-time 1:1 video chats by simply calling students right from their roster. With Kiddom Live, students can easily access real-time classes from their announcement feed, and receive a notification when a session has started. 

If your school district is already using Kiddom, you have the option to upgrade to Kiddom Live and access synchronous distance learning tools. Open Up Resources K-8 EL Education curriculum is openly available digitally to school districts through Kiddom.

Kiddom provides teachers direct access to our core curriculum along with planning and assessment tools right on their laptops, tablets or phones. Using a built-in planner, teachers can contextualize the curriculum and create engaging, personalized lessons for their students. Teachers can record instructions in their own style and assign directly to individual students’ timelines. When assignments are completed, a mastery report helps teachers assess whether students need help, and can then assign remediation content accordingly.  

Many teachers also use Kiddom and Google Classroom together. Kiddom integrates directly with Google Drive, and links to Kiddom’s Content Library can be embedded within Google Classroom.

Demo the digital curriculum or learn more about applying Kiddom Live at your school.