So You’ve Adopted a High-Quality Curriculum - Now What?

Adopting a high-quality curriculum from Open Up Resources is just one step on the journey of improving student learning and outcomes in your building. With even the best curriculum, a well-thought out and intentional implementation plan is the key to both student and teacher success.

That’s one of the reasons why Open Up Resources works hard to not only provide a high-quality curriculum but also one that is openly accessible so that schools and districts can invest that money in professional learning. Our curricula are designed to shift instruction in order to accelerate learning for all students and professional learning is the key ingredient to making that happen.

Research continues to show that pairing a curriculum adoption with a strong professional learning program can yield exceptional results ...BUT the caveat is that to be the most effective, professional learning must be explicitly designed around a curriculum. Professional learning that is less customized and less engaging, typically fails to achieve substantial positive impacts in either teacher performance or student outcomes. 

At Open Up Resources, we stay away from lecture-based approaches that are disconnected from teachers and their everyday experiences. Our professional learning options take a scaffolded approach that meets teachers where they are in their practices. Whether it is diving in support for new teachers, or deeper dives targeted at support for those who are ready to take instruction with the curriculum to the next level, our interactive PL options will build on prior knowledge to master the materials and deepen instructional practice.

The flexible delivery of Open Up Resources professional learning includes in-personal, virtual and hybrid options that fits the needs and schedules of your staff. This includes small group and 1:1 coaching that comes in time frames ranging from one/multi-day sessions to two hour planning and coaching walkthroughs. After the 2020-2021 pandemic school year, we know the importance of flexible delivery now more than ever. 

An effective implementation of any curriculum is a team effort. Open Up Resources’ professional learning – based on our thoroughly vetted ELA or Math curriculum – also cultivates instructional leadership, working with your district leaders to train and develop coaches that will support the curriculum implementation, as well as coordinate learning walks to develop “look fors.”

 We have several options available right now for ELA and Math. Contact us to learn more. Remember, successful implementation doesn’t stop at adoption and we’re here to support you on every step of your journey.