Webinar Series Explores Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing

The Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing curriculum is highly regarded for its evidenced-based, straightforward routines that support both teachers and students in creating an essential foundation for success in young readers.

This November, Open Up Resources will be hosting a webinar series exploring how Bookworms supports teachers in building foundational skills for young readers using culturally-responsive text. Participants can dive into lesson plans, learn how the text is applied in the curriculum, and find out how the units are structured in this highly rated K-5 ELA curriculum.

Learn more about each of the sessions below, and sign up today!

  • Building Readers: Why are Foundational Skills Essential?
    Monday, November 1st

It’s not new – we’ve always known that foundational skill instruction should be informed by the science of reading and grounded in evidence-based practices. But we know that this type of instruction may be unfamiliar to teachers. So how do we support teachers so they can learn while also effectively teaching students? Learn how we do this with a professional text that includes lesson plans was rated “Exemplary” by the National Council on Teacher Quality. Sign Up

  • Building Bookworms: How did we choose texts and how do we use texts?
    Thursday, November 11th

Texts used during literacy instruction have to be engaging and have to advance students’ ability to read and understand narratives and information texts. For students to achieve this goal, they have to be willing to engage; they have to actually be interested in the content. Choosing texts is extremely difficult work. Learn how we built a culturally responsive text collection for Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing, and how these texts are used in the curriculum.  Sign Up

  • Building Knowledge: What it is and how it lives in Bookworms.
    Thursday, November 18th

Reading complex texts requires knowledge: knowledge of content, knowledge of author’s craft, and knowledge of text structure. The units in Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing build knowledge on a topic through integrated reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. Units and texts are organized around topics to build knowledge and vocabulary. Learn how we build and demonstrate knowledge in the curriculum. Sign Up

Bookworms teacher materials have shown tremendous results in student literacy achievement. The Center for Research in Education and Social Policy at the University of Delaware conducted a case study of the implementation of Bookworms within a Southern Delaware school district. This school district had a large percentage of low-income children. The study found that students who were once underperforming the state average would outperform the state average three years later. This included almost all student subgroups including ELL and special education. Read more about the study here

The Bookworms curriculum provides ample teacher support with an easy-to-use differentiation toolkit featuring screening and diagnostic assessments for tailored instruction. Furthermore, it includes embedded support for intervention and remediation using the reading diagnostic data.

Contact us to learn more about Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing curriculum, or sign up for one or all of our webinar sessions to explore how it was built and tips for implementation.