Building Equitable, Meaningful At-Home Learning Experiences in the Era of Covid-19

I’ve never before witnessed a moment in history in which both individual educators and the education system itself are forced to innovate....

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Opening Up to (Re)Imagination

How HIVE 2020 Will Reflect Our New Normal

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HIVE 2020 is Going Virtual

A Proactive Approach to Teaching & Learning in an Unprecedented Time

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Teachers, We Are Not Alone: Community in the Time of Coronavirus

My name is Erika Lofton, and I am a kindergarten teacher at Hollis Innovation Academy in Atlanta, GA. I have been teaching there since its....

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Resources to Support Teaching & Learning During COVID-19 School Closures

Updated: December 1, 2020* 

Fellow Educators:

It’s a concerning, ever-evolving time. In particular, navigating the 2020-21 school year is....

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(LISTEN) Social-Emotional Learning on Education Excellence Podcast


Open Up Resources CEO, Jessica Sliwerski, talks with Kristina Macbury, host of the Education Excellence Podcast, about the....

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The ABCs of OER: What It Is & Why Quality Really Matters

The term “Open Educational Resources” (OER) has been around for nearly two decades, since a 2002 Forum of the United Nations Educational,....

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(LISTEN) Open Up Resources CEO Talks the Business of K-12 on Price of Business Radio

K-12 education in the US is a $700 billion industry with 6.5 million employees in the K-12 system, not counting K-12 products / services,....

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Affordable Professional Learning for K-12 Teachers is Crucial and Possible

A model to improve student outcomes exists—and is more accessible than you think.

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