Access Our First Free Reading with Relevance Title

Discover Ghost Boys (Grades 5-7) by Jewell Parker Rhodes with your students and have meaningful conversations on what's happening around....

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Resources to Support Equity & Anti-racism in Schools

In July and August, Open Up Resources hosted educators for a 3-week virtual series titled "Does Your School Have an Anti-racism Plan?"....

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Building Equitable, Meaningful At-Home Learning Experiences in the Era of Covid-19

I’ve never before witnessed a moment in history in which both individual educators and the education system itself are forced to....

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Resources to Support Teaching & Learning During COVID-19 School Closures

Updated: December 1, 2020* 

Fellow Educators:

It’s a concerning, ever-evolving time. In particular, navigating the 2020-21 school year....

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(LISTEN) Social-Emotional Learning on Education Excellence Podcast


Open Up Resources CEO, Jessica Sliwerski, talks with Kristina Macbury, host of the Education Excellence Podcast, about the....

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New for 2020: Reading with Relevance Adds New Titles

Over the last few months, the Reading with Relevance authors have been working away at reading brand-new diverse books, selecting the....

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Can Empathy Be Taught? How SEL Can Foster Growth in Students & Teachers Alike

Books can serve as a powerful tool for supporting students’ development of both literacy and social/emotional skills.  Building....

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Launch a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program in Your Schools with the Titles on Your Shelves

Meet the CASEL-certified curriculum that’s a “game-changer” for teachers in grades 2-12.

Two key topics permeated K-12 in 2019 and these....

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Open Up Resources + Kiddom: Best-in-Class Digital Curriculum

Introducing digital curriculum to meet the personalization needs of schools and districts

At Open Up Resources, it's our mission to....

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